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When it comes to information required to file for a patent in Canada, we need:

    • The full legal name of the applicant;
    • The full address of the applicant (principal office or place of business);
    • The full legal name and address of each inventor;
    • The full patent application, including the specification, drawings and claims. If you provide us with a PCT or USPTO number, we can access the entire application ourselves;
    • Priority document: If applicable, a certified copy of the priority document or permission to grant access to it from an approved digital library (only applicable to non-PCT applications)
    • Optional: whether the applicant is a small entity, within Canadian rules, A Small Entity Declaration (learn more here);
    • Optional: assignments, if the applicant is not the entity identified in the priority application.

We will prepare for signature by the applicant everything required to complete the application, including:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Statement of Entitlement;
  • Small Entity Declaration (where applicable – learn more here).

We charge flat fees for filing patent applications in Canada  Learn about our fees here.
Let us handle all the information required to file your patent application here in Canada.

Information Required to File for a Patent in Canada - Patent Lawyer

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