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Each applicant must file with CIPO a statement of entitlement.

The statement of entitlement is a formal document which confirms the applicant’s entitlement to apply for the patent.  It will remain on the file and thus must be accurate and complete.

However, minimal formalities apply to the statement of entitlement. It is a simple statement –

  • Signed by the applicant (or authorized signing officer of the applicant in the case of a corporation) which states that the Applicant is entitled to file the application will meet the requirements.
  • The signature should be witnessed. Any adult can serve as the witness.
  • Notarization of the Statement of Entitlement is not required.

An original of the Statement of Entitlement is not required – a scan or good quality photo sent by email is sufficient.

A sample Statement of Entitlement appears below.  You do not need to prepare this form – we prepare and send our clients all necessary forms for their applications.



Applicant(s): _____________________________

Inventor(s): _____________________________

Title: _____________________________

PCT No.: _____________________________

PCT Filing Date: _____________________________

Priority:: _____________________________

Statement of Entitlement
The applicant(s) is/are ___________________________, whose full post office address(es) is/are ___________________________, and the applicant is entitled to apply for a patent for the subject invention.
Dated at (place of execution; city/state/country) _________________________________,
this ____________ day of ______________________________, 20__.

Signature: _____________________________
(Authorized Signatory of the Applicant)

Name: ________________________________

Title: _________________________________


Signature: _____________________________

Name: ________________________________

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