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Maintenance Fees for Canadian Patents: Great Service – Great Prices

We have developed a very efficient and effective system for paying Canadian patent maintenance fees and as a result our rates for providing this service are very competitive (lower than most maintenance fee providers).  Note that our fees in this chart are available only when the total cost is pre-paid and instructions are received at least 3 days before the deadline.  Prices are in CDN $. US $ prices will usually be lower. Volume discounts are available.

From application (not grant)

The first maintenance fee is due 2 years after the International Filing Date (usually “month 36”, or 6 months after the PCT national entry).

Maintenance fees are due annually thereafter.

Maintenance fees are due while the application is pending, and after allowance or grant.

Different fees for large and small entities.

The amounts of the maintenance fees are:

Year Entity Size Our Fees Government Fees Total CDN $
2 – 4 Large 150 100 250
Small 150 50 200
5 – 9 Large 150 200 350
Small 150 100 250
10 – 14 Large 150 250 400
Small 150 125 275
15 – 19 Large 150 450 600
Small 150 225 375

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Maintenance Fees for Canadian Patents

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