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PPH works very well here

In Canada: PPH is quick, low cost & effective.

The PPH is not very useful for getting patents in many jurisdictions.  However, Canada is a stunning exception to this rule: the PPH program works extremely well here for applicants who already have a US patent application underway..

If you prosecute your US or EP application to allowance, your corresponding Canadian patent can then be prosecuted quickly and efficiently to allowance of same claims using the PPH. We are so confident of the results that our firm offers a flat fee for the entire process (including initial filing through allowance) capped at $4,000 for Small Entities, $4,600 for Large Entities (this includes all government fees and professional fees).

The PPH process is quick too – from the time you request examination of your Canadian application to allowance is usually less than 90 days.

There are three keys to taking advantage of this:
* You must file the Canadian application within the requisite priority period (PCT or Paris Convention);
* You must not request examination of the Canadian application until the US or EP (or other)  application has been allowed (examination in Canada does not begin until the applicant requests it); and,
* You must request examination of the Canadian application within 5 years of the international filing date (this is the deadline in Canada for requesting examination – in other words, you must complete prosecution in the US or Europe (or other location) first within this 5 year period).

Using the PPH in Canada is a great way for you to add value for your clients. You can help them add a Canadian patent to their US or EP patent, without hassle or complexity.

Of course, the PPH is available in Canada for large number of corresponding jurisdiction other than just the United States. However, the US –> Canada pairing is common and works so well that we recommend using if you have the choice. We have summarized everything you need to know in this simple flowchart. 



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