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In order to file your patent in Canada we need:

  • The full legal name of the applicant;
  • The full address of the applicant (principal office or place of business);
  • The full legal name and address of each inventor;
  • The full patent application, including the specification, drawings and claims. If you provide us with a PCT or USPTO number, we can access the entire application ourselves;
  • Priority document: If applicable, a certified copy of the priority document or permission to grant access to it from an approved digital library (only applicable to non-PCT applications)
  • Optional: whether the applicant is a small entity, within Canadian rules (learn more here);
  • Optional: assignments, if the applicant is not the entity identified in the priority application.

We will prepare for signature by the applicant everything required to complete the application, including:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Statement of Entitlement;
  • Small Entity Declaration (where applicable – learn more here).


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