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Do you need a Patent Attorney? We can help!

We serve clients in Belleville and across the Greater Belleville area.

As Belleville Patent Lawyers, we strive to make it as convenient as possible for you.

We prefer to work as efficiently as possible, in all facets of our business helping innovators.

While we do have select physical offices, we will also meet with you by phone, email or Skype, to avoid traveling altogether, even for clients in the same city as our offices. In fact, this is our preference – very few patent matters require us to actually meet you in person, so why waste time traveling? Skype and FaceTime are excellent tools, and by saving us the time they save you money. They also allow us, as patent lawyers, to schedule calls outside regular business hours, which can be very convenient for clients who do not want to take time off from work to meet with a patent agent or Canadian patent lawyer.

We focus on helping innovative Canadians make money from their inventions. We help them to draft and file the best possible patents and design registrations with the most cost-effective strategy for securing maximum protection of their rights. We also help with other intellectual property rights, including design registrations, copyrights, and trademarks, so we can help craft a strategy that is ideally suited to your unique new idea. We customize the strategy that is best for you, we do not force your idea into a cookie-cutter, making us the ideal as your Markham Lawyer.

For inventors, usually we start with drafting and filing a US provisional patent. This filing preserves your rights cost-effectively and then integrates with a strategy for securing worldwide protection over time to assist you with cashflow and to control costs.

For all of our clients, we help prepare and document a high-quality intellectual property strategy as your patent attorney.

We can also help you develop and implement a complete go-to-market monetization strategy as we have extensive experience assisting inventors to work with collaborators, to raise money, and to license or sell their ideas.

Our knowledge of this complex area of the law, and our experience as entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs make us an ideal choice of legal advisor to help you get the results you want and deserve.

MiltonsIP is your Belleville Patent Lawyer – specializing in US and Canadian patents.

We are your Canadian patent lawyers in Belleville

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