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Every aspect of our business is designed to make it as simple, profitable and cost-effective for your to entrust your Canadian patent matters to us.  Whenever possible we charge flat fees, not ‘by the hour’, and we give you a quote up front and we live with it.  Of course, there are many complex issues in patent law and not ever application will be successful.  We will gladly handle the tough cases, but before we do we tell you the straight truth, as quickly and clearly as possible, so that you can make an informed choice.


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Our filing fee: $700 (or less)*

Total cost from application-to-allowance: less than $3,000**

*Filing fee for new clients filing one Canadian patent application.  Volume discounts available.  The total cost to file will be $1100 including government fees but not including any assignment(s) or maintenance fees .

**Total prosecution costs assumes eligibility for prosecution under a “patent prosecution highway” agreement.

Why are our fees so reasonable?  Because we are experienced experts with a commitment to providing real value.  We are responsible for hundreds of Canadian patents.  We use great people and very good systems, and are constantly looking at how we can make our business more efficient for your benefit.  We handle the complexities of Canadian patent law so that you can attend to your business.

Our many satisfied clients include Fortune 1000 businesses, governments and public sector entities, charities, entrepreneurs and start-ups.  We are the Canadian agents for dozens of patent and trademark law firms from the US and around the world.  We promise that you will enjoy the same prompt, personal, and expert service that they have.

We look forward to assisting you.

This website is about filing patents in Canada that already been prepared and filed in another country (eg. the United States).  Your patent filing into Canada may be a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) national entry into Canada, or, a direct filing (common for residents of Canada and the United States).

A US patent does not protect any rights in Canada: only a Canadian patent creates patent rights in Canada.

Looking for the Canadian patent office?  Applicants for a Canadian patent from outside Canada must appoint a Canadian patent agent as their representative.

If you are a Canadian looking for information about drafting and filing a patent application in the United States, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, please consult our website dedicated to Patent Advice For Canadians.

The cost to file your patent application in Canada will be approximately $1000.  The total cost from application to allowance will be approximately $4000 (not including maintenance fees) if it is eligible for prosecution under a patent prosecution highway agreement.  More details about our prices, and the information that we need from you to file your Canadian patent application as quickly and cost-effectively as possible can be found by following these links.  We will be steadily adding to the information about Canadian patent law and practice on this site, with a goal of making it a very comprehensive, easy to use source of information for all applicants for Canadian patents.

Trust miltons ip to provide outstanding knowledge of Canadian patents, excellent, timely advice, and very reasonable fees.  Our areas of expertise include all facets of Canadian patent law and practice including:

  • filing patent applications with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), including PCT national entries;
  • prosecuting Canadian patent applications and paying maintenance fees for Canadian patents and applications;
  • using the ‘patent prosecution highway’ (PPH) to best effect;
  • patent litigation: enforcing Canadian patents and defending against patent infringement claims.

On this site you will find a steadily increasing body of information about Canadian patents – from practical issues like deadlines for filing into Canada, to substantive issues like patentable subject matter in Canada and how CIPO deals with ‘business method patents’.  You can access this through the Information page, or by using the search feature at the bottom of every page. Of course, we would be pleased to answer any questions you have.

We look forward to serving you.


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